Taylor River

Rainbow Trout caught on The Taylor River in Colorado

No visit to fly fish Colorado would be complete without fly fishing the Taylor River. Below Taylor Reservoir might be some of the biggest trout in the state. The Colorado Division of Wildlife introduced Mysis shrimp to Taylor Reservoir as a food source for Kokanee Salmon and inadvertently the shrimp washed down and have become a preferred food source of the Taylor river trout. The Mysis are rich in protein content and trout grow big and large chowing down on the shrimp. This section of water known as the “Catch and Release” area or “Hog Trough” is extremely slow and technical. Sight fishing is the name of the game and anglers can expect to see some of the biggest trout of their lives. Hooking them is another matter. These fish require small 5x to 7x tippet and are famous for sipping tiny (#20-28) midge and mayfly patterns. Below the famous “Hog Trough” the Taylor is a fast a furious river filled with pocket water and a good mix of brown and rainbow trout. The lower Taylor is world famous for prolific summer hatches of Green Drakes. Taylor River Colorado trophy trout fishing is what classic Western trout fishing looks like at its very best.