Gunnison River

The Gunnison is one of Colorado's most famous and sought after rivers and for good reason, this river hosts a healthy population of brown and rainbow trout and fly fishing the Gunnison can offer some of the best insect hatches in the state. Forming at the confluence of the East River and the Taylor River, the Gunnison starts off as classic freestone with good hatches of mayflies, midges, caddis and stoneflies. This section of the Gunnison is a Colorado favorite during the salmon run, where kokanee salmon move up the river from Blue Mesa Reservoir to spawn and lay their eggs. The result is what many like to call Mini-Alaska, the salmon fishing is a lot of fun and some of the biggest trout of the year are caught below the pods of salmon.

The Gunnison River

Below Blue Mesa Reservoir lies the Gunnison Gorge and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, two of the most wild and pristine trout streams in the world. Epic stonefly hatches take place here in the early summer making for some dry fly fishing that is out of this world. The fish eat a large percentage of their yearly protein during this key two to three week period. What more can we say about Gunnison River fly just doesn't get any better than watching giant rainbows slurp stoneflies off the canyon walls.