Front Range Waters

Experience Colorado's Front Range fly fishing where, as luck would have it, we have a wide array of small streams and creeks close to Denver and Boulder. Bear Creek, Middle and South Boulder Creek, Clear Creek, St. Vrain, Big Thompson and Rocky Mountain National Park offer the angler a life time of water to explore. On our favorite Front Range Creeks the angler can expect to find a mixed bag of brown and rainbow trout and the occasional brook trout and cut throat, allowing the fly angler to catch a grand slam close to home. Most Front Range Denver rivers and streams are situated in Rocky Mountain National Park offering anglers the chance to catch a Greenback Cutthroat, Colorado's only native trout and one of the most beautiful fish to swim in our Colorado streams. All that one needs to be successful in the Park is a three weight fly rod, a box of dry flies, bead head nymphs and a sense of adventure as most of the Park's streams are filled with gullible and opportunistic fish just waiting to gulp your dry fly.

Fisherman with bent rod on Colorado Bear Creek

Bear Creek, Boulder Creek, Clear Creek and the St. Vrain may be some of the best places to learn the art and science of fly fishing. These local creeks are close to home and full of brown and rainbow trout that are opportunistic and willing to eat a wide variety of flies. Dry dropper fishing with attractor dry flies like Stimulators and Elk Hair Caddis and bead head droppers like a bead head pheasant tail is effective almost year round. In the spring and fall our local creeks see good hatches of blue winged olives and midges making for some fun and challenging dry fly fishing. Smaller weight fly rods are the most fun for these smaller sized creeks. You can learn most anything about trout fishing by exploring Front Range Denver rivers and streams. We are most fortunate to have such an incredible resource close to home.