Colorado River

Fly fishing the Colorado River is like taking a trip through geological history. The Colorado is the principal river of the south west United States and begins its journey at La Poudre Pass east of the Never Summer Mountains in the Colorado Rockies. The river runs south before turning west below Grand Lake, the largest natural lake in the state. After passing Kremmling, it cuts a series of narrow canyons, including Gore, Glenwood, and De Beque. The Colorado emerges from the mountains at the Grand Valley, where it is joined by the Gunnison River before arcing northwest into desert Utah.

The headwater stretches of the Colorado make for some classic pocket water trout fishing, where light weight fly rods and dry flies are the name of the game. The lower sections of the Colorado offer some of the best float fishing opportunities in the state and many of the largest Colorado trout on record have been caught on the lower sections of the Colorado. The upper Colorado is world famous for hatches of stoneflies in late spring and early summer. Many stretches of the Colorado feature non-descript water and targeting the fish can be difficult but if you are diligent you will be rewarded when fly fishing this iconic river.

Due to the Colorado’s proximity to major cities water is in high demand and the Colorado is one of the most dammed rivers in the country and everyday its future is at stake as more and more water is needed for our cities and agriculture. Fortunately, groups like Trout Unlimited are continually fighting to save the Colorado.