Blue River

Fisherman in water on Blue River

Most anglers have a love hate relationship with Colorado’s Blue River and rightly so, this beautiful mountain stream can be very technical and challenging to fish. Originating just outside of Breckenridge, The Blue can be extremely fun to fish through town and its gin clear almost “blue” water makes for some fun dry fly fishing. Summers on the upper Blue mean lots of terrestrials and some phenomenal hopper fishing. The Blue then flows through Dillon Reservoir, outside of the reservoir the stream is a technical tail water, requiring anglers to fish small 5x-7x tippets and micro sized tail water midges and mayflies. The Colorado Division of Wildlife introduced Mysis shrimp to Dillon Reservoir as a food source for Kokanee Salmon and inadvertently the shrimp washed down and have become a preferred food source of Blue River trout. The Mysis are rich in protein content and trout grow big and large chowing down on the shrimp. Fly fishing behind the factory or outlet mall in Silverthorne may not be the most picturesque setting but some of the largest trout in Colorado can be found swimming in this most technical and rewarding section of water.