MileHigh 25

It is the end of June and that means that it is time for the MileHigh25 again. This is an amazing event that Anglers All puts on. Sign up and see how many species you can catch this weekend!

High Mountain Lakes

As the snow melts and the high mountain lakes began to ice off is the time to start chasing those high mountain trout. Spend some time researching google maps and the internet, then choose a lake to go explore. Colorado has some amazing high mountain lakes that offer a variety of different trout species. Escape the heat and do some exploring this summer.

Bimini Twist Knot

I am heading down to Florida at the end of the month to do some tarpon fishing. I recently purchased a new nautilus CCF-X2 Silver King and some new Scientific Anglers Amplitude Tarpon fly line. So I had the fly shop throw some backing on my reel because I wanted to tie my own backing to fly line connection. There are plenty of knot connections to attach the fly line to the backing but the one the comes to mine that is the go-to for saltwater fishing. I thought I would share this video that helped me tie a bimini twist. Next time try to tie some new knots and don’t have the fly shop to do it for you.

Open Fishing Weekend June 6th and 7th

This upcoming weekend Colorado is hosting a free fishing weekend. This means you can fish all weekend anywhere in Colorado for free and do not need a valid Colorado fishing license. This is a great opportunity to take out a friend that is thinking about getting into the sport and has not wanted to purchase a license. For more information on the free fishing weekend check out the CPW page here.