Spinney Mountain State Park Closed due to Severe Weather

Last Wednesday Spinney Mountain state park closed after receiving roughly 16 inches of hail. The storm caused server damage to roads and flooded the Dream Stream. Flows went from 80cfs to over 1000cfs in just a few hours. Reports have been that lots of fish have died due to the sudden bump in flows and debri in the river.

The park is scheduled to open back up today but I think the Dream Stream will take a long time to recover. Rangers and road crews have been working very hard to get the state park back up and running. Thank you for all that you do.

If anyone has any current photos of the Dream Stream please post below.

Photo from Spinney Mountain State Park

Gov. Polis signs executive order to protect wildlife

This past week Colorado Governor Polis signed an executive order to protect migrating wildlife around the state. Here is colorado we have a serious issue with wildlife being struck by moving vehicles Almost 4000 vehicles hit wildlife every year. There are already a few of these migration bridges on highway 9 runing from Silverthorne to Kremmling.

Here is the full order and be viewed here.

Elk Season

With elk season around the corner, I thought I might share a video that I came across about cooking elk steaks. Elk is really one of my favorite animals to eat. To all you hunters out there, good luck this season. I hope everyone has some full freezers come this fall.

Simms G3 Guide Z Waders

Finally, Simms has come out a with zippered wader for women. New to the market is the Simms G3 Guide Z Waders that features a side zipper to allow for easy access. Adding the zipper makes bathroom breaks stream side much easier. You can learn more and purchase them here.

Hopper Dropper

As we move closer to August water flows are going to start dropping. This is the time to tie on some foam and fish big terrestrial patterns. A hopper dropper rigs is a perfect setup for July, August, and September. It works on both river and still waters all over the western united states. Here is a little video showing you how to rig a hopper dropper.