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Hayden Kennedy Has Passed Away

Colorado native and world famous Alpinist, Hayden Kennedy, tragically killed himself on Oct. 8th, 2017.

Hayden has been known amongst Coloradans for years for his extreme free climbs and pure athleticism but became world renowned in 2012 when he climbed Patagonia’s Cerro Torre mountain and cut the pre-existing bolts put in place to help other climbers summit the challenging peak. Some saw this as a return to the mountain’s pure form while climbers viewed this act as self-indulgent and adding more danger to other’s safety and well-being. Hayden didn’t care. He was a rebel until the end.

Tragically, this past Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017, he and his girlfriend were caught in an avalanche near Bozeman, MT. While Hayden was able to survive his girlfriend, Inge Perkins, did not survive and was killed. Hayden made the choice to take his life instead of moving forward without her.

Hayden Kennedy, Colorado native and rebel until the end, will be missed.

Colorado Solar Eclipse

Portions of the United States are about to experience the first total solar eclipse on the continent since 1918 and Colorado is right on the doorstep of some of the best views in the nation! Monday, August 21st, will be the day the sky turns black!

While Denver and the rest of Colorado will not be in the direct path of the total solar eclipse, parts of the state will have a 95% eclipse and the viewing will be off of the charts! Below is a video of a total eclipse (of the heart) and the three best viewing locations within the vicinity.

  1. The Museum of Nature and Science in Denver will be hosting activities and safe viewing galleries of the whole eclipse, which will give great tutorials & views, but none of the I-25 traffic.
  2. Speaking of I-25 traffic, Casper, Wyoming will have the best eclipse view of the entire country and it’s only a 3.5 hour drive from Denver! But, and this is a big but, the traffic heading north will be horrendous. If you’re planning on making the trek north please plan ahead.
  3. Beaver Creek ski resort sits a bit of 9,000 feet elevation and the views from atop the slopes should be amazing. The resort will be doing guided 4×4 Jeep tours, gondola rides to the top, and picnic lunches at the ski haus.

All in all, Colorado is set up to for some great viewing this upcoming Monday! Please enjoy the scientific and educational video of solar eclipses that is below.

Calling The Elk…Hunters

The Colorado summer is rolling along but for those avid outdoorsman and hunters fall is always on the mind as elk season is coming closer into the crosshairs. Sitka Gear came out with a great video on the intricacies and nuances of calling elk. Bugling is an art, passion, and science all onto it’s own!

If this doesn’t get you primed for the beginning of the season I don’t know what will!

2017 Elk Season Dates

  • Archery (West of I-25 and Unit 140): Aug 26th-Sept 24th
  • Muzzleloader : Sept 9th-Sept 17th
  • Riffle: (1st season) Oct 14th-Oct 18th, (2nd season) Oct 21st-Oct 29th, (3rd season) Nov 4th-Nov 12th, (4th season) Nov 15th- Nov 19th



When The Thunder Roars, Go Inside!

Colorado anglers are no strangers to fishing in adverse weather and don’t get me wrong, it can be extremely fun and productive to fish through a rain storm, but we urge you to use sound judgement when fishing with thunder and lightning on the horizon. A good rule to follow is the “flash and bang” rule– if you see lightning and then hear thunder within 30 seconds of that then it’s within 6 miles of you and it’s time to get off of the river!

This article by the staff at The Denver Post illustrates our point well. Have fun out there but more importantly, be safe!

Colorado’s the third deadliest state for lightning strikes — here’s how to protect yourself


Full Moon Fishing

If you were fishing over the weekend and struggled you can point your finger at the man in the Moon. That’s right the Hunters Moon lit up the Earth giving us a full night bright sky gazing. Seeing the bright white disk rise out of the East is quite a sight but it can mean some tough days of fishing are ahead. I do not know what causes fish to get a wacky during a full moon, it might be the gravitational pull, they might feed all night or some other cosmic happening might lock their jaw shut for a good portion of the day. Whatever it is I am a firm believer that the Full Moon makes fishing very very difficult. Others might argue different but my experiences speak otherwise. I know that Lincoln Westby would say that the Full Moon makes Permit Fishing in Belize much better because of the larger tides. But, I have been chasing those alien looking Fish (Permit) in the Yucatan during a full moon with a lodge full of 14 other anglers and only one angler caught a permit the whole week….. and that fish was the size of my palm. I am getting off track.

Full Moon Fishing

When it comes to trout fishing this is what my latests experience has told me. Trout will feed for a short window of time during the day then stop. For example last week I had an angler hooking fish consistently for 45min then everything stopped. Bugs continued to hatch but fish stopped feeding. We fished hard for the rest of the day; changing flies, weight, depth etc. With no luck. When I got skunked-fishingback and spoke with other guides on the water they had the exact same fishing conditions nearly 30 miles away on 2 different rivers. Coincidence? I do not think so. How is it that the day before on the same river, fishing the same flies our clients hooked fish after fish after fish. I am blaming the Moon. So here are my tips for trout fishing during a full moon. Get out there early and try to catch the window when fish are feeding. Once that is over go home. If you are young and hard core go at night and throw mice because that stuff is fun. Don’t let the Full Moon get ya down, but think twice next time you are booking travel, the full moon might curse a couple of your fishing days.

Colorado’s Extreme Destinations

whitw water raftingWhite Water Rafting: Mountains Water Rafting Located in Durango Colorado is home to the Animas River known for some of the most turbulent waters in Colorado. One of the best reputations for guide service with 30+ years under their belt, you can rest assured your in good hands.

Royal Gorge, Royal Rush SkyCoater: Standing 100ft in the air and reaching speeds of 50 mph. This Skycoaster will have you soaring through the air 1,200ft above the Arkansas River. This free fall sensation will have your adrenaline pumping. royal rush

Zip Adventures: Located in Wilcott, Colorado this zip line adventure tour will take you souring between valleys at speeds of up to 30 mph. This tour lasting for 2.5 hours has you dangling above 200-foot canyons giving you the feeling of flying through the mountains.

Estes Park ATV Rentals: Picture an ATV adventure on an unguided tour through the backcountry of Estes. There are people to help plan your trip so unguided doesn’t sound to intimidating. After the short safety announcement you can set of for a full day with family, friends or even solo. alpine coaster

Alpine Coaster: This gravity-propelled roller coaster weaves and winds down the mountains of Breckenridge. Ride alone or as a couple, and control the speeds of your cart. 2,500 feet of track cuts and turns above the ski fields and through the forest, getting that adrenaline pumping.


Project Healing Waters 2016 Fly Fishing Film Tour


Come join the party at The Wildlife Experience on Lincoln and Peoria this Saturday April, 9th at 7:00 pm for a great time and a great cause!FFFT 04:09

Project Healing Waters is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and disabled veterans through fly fishing and associated activities, so when an event like this comes along where all proceeds go towards their benefit, yeah it’s a no-brainer to go!

The movie will be shown on The Wildlife Experience’s awesome IMAX screen. There will be micro and domestic beer courtesy of Coors, free gear giveaways, and tons of great raffle prizes as well. This should be one heckuva time– hope to see you all there!

Click here to purchase tickets:

Best Ski Mountains in Colorado

tex blog 5Vail Ski Resort: Vail has 5,200 acres of well-groomed ski and snowboard trails. Options to explore the open Back Mountain, and being open for 50 years. This mountain has become a haven for global travelers and avid skiers alike. Only a couple hours or less drive from Denver makes it easy to access.

Buttermilk, Aspen CO: For those more extreme Skiers, who maybe is seeking a more air time. This mountain provides the jumps seen in the 2016 winter X-Games.Tex blog 1 From down town aspen you can easily catch the shuttle to buttermilk so you don’t have to deal with the parking and traffic.

Keystone: Consisting of three different mountains, and over 120 different runs. You can be assured the whole family will enjoy this resort. During the season they will keep the lifts open until 8pm. Allowing you take your time on the slopes.

Telluride: For some of the more adventurous skiers telluride will spark your interest. Providing a set of stairs to the peak of the mountain. Not only allowing you an amazing view.You’ll feel like you are backcountry skiing with the comfort of avalanche control and rescue.Gold Hill Stairs

Winter Park: The longest continually operated ski resort.  Winter park has 7 territories with over 3,000 acres on award winning trails. One of Colorado’s most diverse ski resorts, with so many options it would be hard to cover in just one trip. Be sure to give yourself enough time to fully experience the whole park.

The Best Hidden Gems of Colorado


The Royal Arch- Foothills, Boulder: The Foothills have trails for days. Intertwining and connecting trails can make it hard to pick a specific trail. tex blog pic 6The Royal Arch, though, is guaranteed to amaze. The naturally formed arch made out of Colorado red rock is one that will definitely leave you stunned.


tex blog pic 5Bishop’s Castle- Rye, Colorado: Located just south of Pueblo, Bishop’s Castle is one that definitely stands out! Starting as a small family project, Jim Bishop began by building a remote cottage for his family. This one-man project quickly evolved from a small cottage into the large Colorado castle that you see today standing in the beautiful surrounding pines.

Conundrum Hot Springs- Aspen, Colorado: This remote hot spring requires you to hike an 8.5 mile trail to get to the natural pools.Camping is allowed and once you get there you’ll want to spend your night soaking under the stars!

tex blog pic 3


Loveland Pass, Route 6- Colorado: When you’re in the Rocky Mountains skiing is a must but those lines can definitely get long. For the more adventurous types backcountry skiing down the continental divide is the way to go! Make sure and check the avalanche reports before heading out

Frozen Dead Guy Days- Nederland, Colorado: There is so much to be said about FDGD. tex blog pic 2In short, it’s an odd festival based around a frozen dead guy and has truly unique activities like the classic coffin race. If you are in Colorado during March this is something definitely worth checking out!




Colorado Microbreweries

With so many different microbreweries popping up all over colorful Colorado. It can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect one for you. Here are a few options of different style and brews for you to try.


Though they are located in Boulder, you can find their beer on the shelves in most liquor stores. The goal with Upslope was to make a versatile beer that is crisp and refreshing no matter what your outdoor plans are. They use recycled aluminum instead of glass, for what they say is “good for the beer, for you, and for the environment.” They are always coming up with a different styles often based on the seasons in Colorado. If you want an exclusive, cant find it in the store experience. It can be expected that they will have a special tap in the tasting rooms. Which allows you to see how these master brewers make the liquid gold we all love. At seven years old this is a brewing company well worth keeping an eye on. They haven’t failed at standing out in the local beer scene. Upslope says they have big plans for the Colorado beer scene in the future.

Left Hand is located in Longmont Colorado. Though Longmont may not be on your top places to visitleft-hand-logo in Colorado. You may want to think about making the trip to try the exclusive beer on tap at this Colorado Brewery. Left hand has a taproom which they display all their seasonal and staple beers.Founded in 1993 as a small brewery. Doing business out of an old meat packing plant near downtown. They built a name for themselves brewing high quality beer for the people of Colorado. In the past 22 years they’ve expanded across the United States and won 27 medals at the Great American Beer Festival, 9 World Beer Cup awards, 7 European Beer Star Awards, and a growing loyal customer base in 35 states, the District of Columbia and throughout Europe & Japan.

350x350_great-divideThe founder Brian Dunn established Great Divide in 1994. Great Divide had one goal in mind when setting out their venture. To create strong full bodied beer for the most ambitious beer connoisseurs. They have four World Beer Cup awards under their belt. In 2008 Beer Advocate magazine gave them a rating of seventh best brewery on the planet. With complex flavors ranging from mellow to boozy. You can bet they have a brew that would live up to your standards. Denver has its fair share of breweries. Since Brian opened in 1994 he has had to expand and tripled their production rate, due to demand.

Ska based their brewery out of Durango, Colorado. They had the intentions of rising aboveSKA_Brewing_Logo mainstream corporate breweries monopolizing the beer scene. Allowing the craft of brewing to finally be recognized by the world. If you pick up a couple cold ska brews, or even get the chance to make it to the brewery. One of the first things you’ll notice is their eccentric punk labeling and comic book like designs. Making Ska stand out in many ways besides their beer. With beers ranging from easy to drink to complex flavors for the more experienced consumer. Also animated names to go along with the many different styles. They make it easy for all to enjoy their craft beer.

Avery Logo - 4 Inches

Avery Logo – 4 Inches

Avery is yet another brewery in Colorado with a name known around the world. Started like many other breweries with a bit of curiosity, patience, and enthusiasm. Adam Avery decided to experiment with bold flavors and unique brews. With America becoming more aware of microbreweries. The experimenting and hard word paid off. Avery quickly caught the eye of the American beer connoisseurs. Expanding from 40 to 120 bbl uni-tanks in a few years. Needless to say if you in Boulder, drop by Avery for a taste of something most don’t get to try anywhere but Colorado.