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Traeger Pellet Smoker

Looking for a great holiday gift? A Traeger pellet smoker is one sweet machine. With its new Wifi technology you can control your cooking from your phone. Here is a great little video showing up the capabilities of the Traeger. Happy Cooking!

Frozen Guides

As we transition into winter conditions we tend to see lots of ice build-up on your fly rod. This can be very annoying and can damage or even break rods. There are a few different techniques and products out there that can help out.

1. Loon makes a product called Stanley’s Ice off Paste. This stuff works surprisingly well but it is expensive. They claim that it is not toxic and is safe for your line and rod.

2.A cheaper option that almost everyone already has on them is ChapStick. Rub the ChapStick on your fingers then apply it the all the guides of your rod. Make sure to wash your hand afterwards as it can cause oily stains on your clothing. 

3.Another good option is Pam cooking spray. You can spray this on your rod and it will help prevent ice build-up. This can be messy as well and can stain clothing so be careful.

4.Lastly, if your rod is building up with ice put your rod in the water and the warmer water will melt the ice. This can be helpful if you hook a fish and your guides are frozen, simply put the rod in the water it will melt the ice. 

Venison Recipe

Archery season is over in Colorado and rifle season is just around the corner. The guys over at MeatEater cook up some amazing stuff. Here is a great video about cooking venison shanks. This is a part of the dear that often gets thrown out. So this season try keeping the shanks and slow cooking them.

New Simms G4Z Waders!

Simms has done it again and improved their already amazing line of waders. If you are looking for a new pair of waders look no further than the Simms G4Z and G4 Pro waders. Here is a video going over the new waders.

Spinney Mountain State Park Closed due to Severe Weather

Last Wednesday Spinney Mountain state park closed after receiving roughly 16 inches of hail. The storm caused server damage to roads and flooded the Dream Stream. Flows went from 80cfs to over 1000cfs in just a few hours. Reports have been that lots of fish have died due to the sudden bump in flows and debri in the river.

The park is scheduled to open back up today but I think the Dream Stream will take a long time to recover. Rangers and road crews have been working very hard to get the state park back up and running. Thank you for all that you do.

If anyone has any current photos of the Dream Stream please post below.

Photo from Spinney Mountain State Park