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Mile High 25

Looking for a fun fly fishing competition in and around Colorado? Look no further. The Milehigh25 is it and more. Each year fly anglers from around Colorado get together in late June for this fantastic competition. 2 days 25 species and a lot of fun in between. Each year the Milehigh25 attracts bigger and better teams. There is plenty of goodies up for grabs as well. For more information check out their website here.

May Tarpon

The month of May in Colorado usually means the start of high water and caddis hatches. However, on the other side of the country, May means the start of the migratory tarpon. Every May in Florida anglers gets the unique opportunity to have a chance to catch a large migratory tarpon. These fish cruise up the beaches of Florida on their annual migration to spawn. Fish upwards of 200lbs are not uncommon. Anglers will find the tarpon is large groups in May then will start breaking apart into smaller groups come June and July. By the time August rolls around the tarpon seem to dissipate. If you have not had the opportunity to go see this phenomenon I highly recommend it. So when the water gets high in Colorado think about booking a flight to Florida and giving it a shot.

Yeti expands the​ir product line.

Yeti has always been the leader in pushing the envelope in cooler technology. Recently they have come out with a new product that should be very popular with the outdoor community. Yeti’s Loadout GoBox 30 is the ultimate travel case. They are claiming that it is nearly indestructible. It will be a perfect option for outdoor enthusiasts that need to keep their gear safe and protected. Check it out for yourself here

Fly Fishing Rendezous ​

What are you doing the weekend of May 4th? Check out the Fly Fishing Rendezvous at the National Western Complex. It will be a weekend packed full of exhibitors, fly tying, and speakers. This is a great event to get you excited about the upcoming season. Ditch the river one of the days and go check out this show. For more information and tickets click here.

Kicking Plastic

Plastic is a huge problem right now and as fishing guides we can make a difference. The crew down at Abaco Lodge is starting something great. A movement to eliminate single-use plastic bottles by replacing them with reusable bottles. I beleive guide services around the world should adopt this movement. Here is a little video explaining what they are doing down at Abaco Lodge.

Patagonia Presents Artifishal

Patagonia has always been at the forefront of conservation. Their new video Artificial is all that and more. Addressing serious issues with our planet and how we need to stand up and do something about it. Take a watch of the trailer below and get inspired to make a difference.

CPW Stocks Tiger Muskie in the South Platte River System

The South Platte River has been a fantastic trout fishery for years but the trout populations have gotten out of control. With trout numbers out of control, CPW is stepping in and stocking 10,000 tiger muskie throughout the river system to help manage the trout population. The muskie will be strictly catch and release to allow them to grow large and eat the overabundance of trout. This is exciting information for all those muskie fishermen in Colorado.

SweetWater Guide Beer

SweetWater Brewing located in Atlanta Georgia has been brewing up something pretty cool. As a fellow fishing guide, I got excited when I saw “guide beer”. SweetWater came up with this light crisp lager made for guides and designed to help guides. 11% of all proceeds of this beer will go to help guides that can no longer guide anymore. It is fantastic seeing a brewery so dedicated to the sport of fishing and want to give back. So next time after a long day of fishing when you are at the liquor store look for a can of SweetWater Guide Beer.

Check them out here

2019 Colorado Fishing License

It is that time of year again in Colorado when we need to renew our fishing licenses. In Colorado your annual fishing license is good through March 31st. Colorado Parks & Wildlife has increased prices dramatically for 2019 across the board from park passes too hunting permits. Most of us hate when prices increase but this means more money for conservation and land management. So don’t be that guy fishing April 1st without a new fishing license. Get out and purchase your 2019 Colorado Fishing license here.

2019 Fly Fishing Film Tour

It is that time of year again in Colorado. As we transition into spring we eagerly await our rivers to unfreeze. Every March the Fly Fishing Film Tour comes to Colorado and excites anglers all over the state. This is an opportunity fly anglers and non anglers to get together have a few cold ones and watch some epic fly fishing films. If you have not gone to the film tour in the past you should check it out this year. The list of Colorado dates are below.

March 13 Edwards Colorado,

March 20 Boulder Colorado

March 22 Fort Collins Colorado

March 23 Denver Colorado

March 28 Aspen Colorado

April 6 Durango Colorado

May 9 Parker Colorado

For more info and tickets check out their website Here