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Elk Season

With elk season around the corner, I thought I might share a video that I came across about cooking elk steaks. Elk is really one of my favorite animals to eat. To all you hunters out there, good luck this season. I hope everyone has some full freezers come this fall.

Hopper Dropper

As we move closer to August water flows are going to start dropping. This is the time to tie on some foam and fish big terrestrial patterns. A hopper dropper rigs is a perfect setup for July, August, and September. It works on both river and still waters all over the western united states. Here is a little video showing you how to rig a hopper dropper.

Happy 4th of July

Robert F. Smith, through his philanthropic investment in River Deep and Anglers of Honor  have empowered a partnership with Lincoln Hills Park and The Flyfisher LLC. We are proud to announce the opening, on July 4, 2019, of a 1/2 mile stretch of South Boulder
Creek to free fishing and picnic access specifically for veterans and their families.

Veterans will be able to make reservations and learn more about Lincoln Hills Park here.

We are now taking reservations.

Doctor Shot while Fly Fishing in Belize

When we go on fishing vacations we often think of any danger that might occur. Even if we do it might be sharks, jellyfish, or even dangerous currents. Last week a 53-year-old doctor from Virginia was brutally shot while out fly fishing in Belize. This is a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. For the full article on the story click here.

This kind of thing should not stop you from going out and exploring new places. Fly Fishing takes us all over the world to amazing places but sometimes bad things happen.

Our thoughts go out to the friends and family of Dr. Gary Swank.

Get Paid to Fish in Colorado

Recently in Colorado, the introduction of an invasive predatorial fish has been in an issue. In a handful of reservoirs around the state northern pike have been popping up. These fish have been illegally stocked and are raining havoc on the local populations. CPW is offering anglers $20 for each northern pike caught in Kenney Reservoir.

So get off your couch grab your rod and head out to Kenney Reservoir and start making some money! For more information click here.

Denver BBQ Festival

What are you up to this Father’s Day weekend? How about heading over to the Mile High Stadium and enjoying some BBQ. Starting tomorrow Friday the 14th at 5 p.m will be the 2nd annual Denver BBQ Festival. Featuring BBQ vendors from all over, cold beverages and live music. For more information check out their website here. Have a great Fathers day weekend from us at Colorado Fly Fishing Reports.