Fishing Conditions: POOR

Report Rating: POOR
Crowd Rating: Not Crowded
Not Crowded

Fly Fishing Report Date:

Friday, Feb 17, 2017

Weather & Water Conditions

Weather Water
Temp: 52-55 Temp: 32-35
Sky: Clear Flow: 19
Wind: None Clarity: Crystal Clear
Precip: None Runoff: No 

Colorado Stream Update: Waterton's close proximity to the Denver Metro area make it an ideal spot, but as of right now, fishing is extremely finicky there with the current conditions.

Current Conditions at Waterton:

At 19 CFS, Waterton Canyon is not in prime fishing form right now. You can definitely get trout to the net but to do so, sight fishing is a 100% necessity. At such a low flow, definitely use 6x tippet and do not use any pattern larger than a size 20 hook-- #22 & 24 hooks are preferable. Midges are the sole food source right now for the trout of Waterton Canyon, and they are very small midges at that! A #24 Black Beauty will be your best option at hooking into these elusive trout right now.

Fishing has been best from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and fly fishing trips have been catching lots of trout. Try nymph fishing with different styles and sizes of midge patterns. Try a tandem nymph rig.  The fishing is slow.  Clear skies and 52-55 degree weather. The water temperature was between 32-35 degrees and Crystal Clear.

Likely Catch

Species: Rainbow
Weight: 0 lbs 15 oz
Length: 13 inches
Girth: 5 inches
Rainbow Trout Female Rainbow Trout Female
Rainbow Trout Female Rainbow Trout Female

Current Insect Hatches at Waterton

Insect Type: Midge

Insect: Micro Black Midge

Color: Black

Size: 26/micro


Recommended Flies for Waterton

Fly: Black Beauty
Color: Black
Size: 24
Black Beauty Black Beauty
Fly: Biot Midge
Color: Charcoal
Size: 24
Biot Midge Biot Midge

Colorado Hatch Conditions for Late February


Insects: Chocolate Brown Midge
Color: Brown to Chocolate
Dates: Feb 15 – Dec 15
Emergence: All Day
Size: 20-22
Spinner Fall: 2-3 Hours
Illustrations © The Flyfisher Group 
Insects: Snow Midge
Color: Gray to Charcoal
Dates: Jan 1 – Dec 31
Emergence: Warmest part of day
Size: 24-28
Spinner Fall: 2-3 Hours
Illustrations © The Flyfisher Group 


Insects: Micro Black
Color: Dark Brown to Black
Dates: Jan 1 – May 15
Emergence: 38-44° Water Temps Heat of Day
Size: 18-22
Spinner Fall: NA
Illustrations © The Flyfisher Group 

Weather for Waterton

Current: 56 °F Partly cloudy Wind: 14 MPH SSW
Current Condtions

Partly cloudy

Temperature: 56 °F
Humidity: 15%
Wind: 14 mph SSW
Pressure: 14.72 psi
Cloud Cover: 75%
Tuesday's Forecast
weather forecast: Sunny<br/> High: 67 °F  <br/>Low: 49 °F <br/> Wind: 9 mph W
High: 67 °F
Low: 49 °F
Wind: 9 mph W
Wednesday's Forecast
weather forecast: Sunny<br/> High: 67 °F  <br/>Low: 33 °F <br/> Wind: 10 mph ENE
High: 67 °F
Low: 33 °F
Wind: 10 mph ENE
Thursday's Forecast
weather forecast: Light snow<br/> High: 43 °F  <br/>Low: 24 °F <br/> Wind: 9 mph N
Light snow
High: 43 °F
Low: 24 °F
Wind: 9 mph N