Fishing Conditions: FAIR

Report Rating: FAIR
Crowd Rating: Not Crowded
Not Crowded

Fly Fishing Report Date:

Thursday, Jan 12, 2017

Weather & Water Conditions

Weather Water
Temp: 40-43 Temp: 32-35
Sky: Overcast Flow: 530
Wind: None Clarity: Slightly Off
Precip: None Runoff: No 

Colorado Stream Update: The lower colorado from Newcastle to Silt has been fishing well. Now is a great time to do a winter float.

Current Conditions at Lower Colorado:

Floating this time of year can be hit or miss, but there are days when the fishing is outstanding. If you want to get some time in on the oars head towards New Castle and float to Silt. Warmer temps have the lower Colorado open giving us some decent fishing. Nymphing on the run with egg, midges and small pheasant tails have been hooking plenty of fish. The mid-day to 2pm bite has been the best. The forecast is looking good for the next couple days so give it a shot.

The fishing is fair.  Overcast skies and 40-43 degree weather. The water temperature was between 32-35 degrees and Slightly Off.

Likely Catch

Species: Rainbow
Weight: 1 lbs 0 oz
Length: 16 inches
Girth: 6 inches
Rainbow Trout Female Rainbow Trout Female
Rainbow Trout Female Rainbow Trout Female

Current Insect Hatches at Lower Colorado


Recommended Flies for Lower Colorado

Fly: Egg
Color: Orange
Size: 18
Egg Egg
Fly: Micro Mayfly
Color: Olive
Size: 18
Micro Mayfly Micro Mayfly
Fly: Pheasant Tail
Color: Black
Size: 20
Pheasant Tail Pheasant Tail

Colorado Hatch Conditions for Late February


Insects: Chocolate Brown Midge
Color: Brown to Chocolate
Dates: Feb 15 – Dec 15
Emergence: All Day
Size: 20-22
Spinner Fall: 2-3 Hours
Illustrations © The Flyfisher Group 
Insects: Snow Midge
Color: Gray to Charcoal
Dates: Jan 1 – Dec 31
Emergence: Warmest part of day
Size: 24-28
Spinner Fall: 2-3 Hours
Illustrations © The Flyfisher Group 


Insects: Micro Black
Color: Dark Brown to Black
Dates: Jan 1 – May 15
Emergence: 38-44° Water Temps Heat of Day
Size: 18-22
Spinner Fall: NA
Illustrations © The Flyfisher Group 

Weather for Lower Colorado

Current: 27 °F Partly cloudy Wind: 16 MPH SW
Current Condtions

Partly cloudy

Temperature: 27 °F
Humidity: 68%
Wind: 16 mph SW
Pressure: 14.74 psi
Cloud Cover: 50%
Tuesday's Forecast
weather forecast: Thundery outbreaks possible<br/> High: 50 °F  <br/>Low: 37 °F <br/> Wind: 10 mph SSW
Thundery outbreaks possible
High: 50 °F
Low: 37 °F
Wind: 10 mph SSW
Wednesday's Forecast
weather forecast: Light drizzle<br/> High: 49 °F  <br/>Low: 32 °F <br/> Wind: 10 mph SW
Light drizzle
High: 49 °F
Low: 32 °F
Wind: 10 mph SW
Thursday's Forecast
weather forecast: Moderate snow<br/> High: 34 °F  <br/>Low: 22 °F <br/> Wind: 11 mph WSW
Moderate snow
High: 34 °F
Low: 22 °F
Wind: 11 mph WSW