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Fishing Conditions: EXCELLENT

Report Rating: EXCELLENT

Fly Fishing Report Date:

Friday, Jan 16, 2015

Colorado Stream Update: "Cold at night and crowded during the day."

Current Conditions at Frying Pan:

One of our stops on our three day fishing trip was to the Pan. We headed up there at 11:00 pm at night on Friday and luckily found ourselves to be the only ones there. Probably because we were too stupid or smart enough to fish in the conditions. We rigged our rods and set up the lanterns on the toilet bowl. The fishing was incredible, we landed a number of beautiful fish, with the nicest, roughly 4 pound brown on a mysis shrimp pattern. We fished for about 2 hours and got out of there once we could no longer tie our knots. The fishing was so good, that we decided to go back there in the morning. The following morning, we showed up around 9 am and man was it packed. We were accompanied by at least 20 other anglers and all throughout the public stretch. We found a spot and fished together shoulder to shoulder and started whacking them. We each caught a dozen or so, with a mixture of browns and rainbows. Incredible fishing, but a crowded stretch unless it is beyond cold.

The fishing is fantastic.  Clear skies and 19- degree weather. The water temperature was between 32-35 degrees and Crystal Clear.

Weather & Water Conditions

Weather Water
Temp: 19- Temp: 32-35
Sky: Clear Flow: 128
Wind: None Clarity: Crystal Clear
Precip: None Runoff: No 

Likely Catch

Species: Brown Brown Trout Female
Brown Trout Male
Weight: 4 lbs 0 oz
Length: 19 inches
Girth: 0 inches

Current Insect Hatches at Frying Pan


Recommended Flies for Frying Pan

Fly: Black Beauty Black Beauty
Color: Black
Size: 22
Time: All Day
Fly: Rs2 Emerger Rs2 Emerger
Color: Black
Size: 20
Time: All Day
Fly: Egg Egg
Size: 16
Time: All Day

Frying Pan Friday, Jan 16, 2015 Fishing Trip Photos

Brown trout. Rainbow trout. FUGBUG Rods.
Frying Pan Fishing  (image 1) Frying Pan Fishing  (image 2)
Frying Pan Fishing  (image 3) Frying Pan Fishing  (image 4)
Frying Pan Fishing  (image 5) Frying Pan Fishing  (image 6)
Frying Pan Fishing  (image 7) Frying Pan Fishing  (image 8)
Frying Pan Fishing  (image 9) Frying Pan Fishing  (image 10)
Frying Pan Fishing  (image 11) Frying Pan Fishing  (image 12)
Frying Pan Fishing  (image 13)

Colorado Hatch Conditions for Late January

Insects Color Dates Emergence Size Spinner Fall Illustrations
© The Flyfisher Group


Snow Midge Gray to Charcoal Jan 1 -
Dec 31
Warmest part of day 24-28 2-3 Hours
Snow Midge Larva illustration Snow Midge Emerger illustration Snow Midge Adult illustration


Micro Black Dark Brown to Black Jan 1 -
May 15
38-44° Water Temps Heat of Day 18-22 NA
Micro Black Nymph illustration Micro Black Adult illustration

Weather for Frying Pan

Current: 36 °F    Overcast     Wind: 4 MPH NNW
Current Condtions

Temperature: 36 °F
Humidity: 67%
Wind: 4 mph NNW
Pressure: 14.75 psi
Cloud Cover: 100%

Friday's Forecast
weather forecastPatchy sleet nearby
High: 40 °F
Low: 21 °F
Wind: 4 mph NE
Saturday's Forecast
weather forecastLight snow
High: 41 °F
Low: 11 °F
Wind: 4 mph NW
Sunday's Forecast
weather forecastSunny
High: 36 °F
Low: 14 °F
Wind: 4 mph SW

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