Fishing Conditions: GREAT

Report Rating: GREAT
Crowd Rating: Not Crowded
Not Crowded

Fly Fishing Report Date:

Friday, Feb 10, 2017

Weather & Water Conditions

Weather Water
Temp: 52-55 Temp: 36-39
Sky: Clear Flow: 68
Wind: None Clarity: Crystal Clear
Precip: None Runoff: No 

Colorado Stream Update: We're still 5-7 weeks away from the large Cutties and Bows from moving into the system from 11 Mile Reservoir, but no worries! The residents of the Dream are really getting active.

Current Conditions at Dream Stream:

These trout are stacked in deep, slow moving water right now so getting your presentation at the proper water column is crucial to your success. Be patient as well, as there are more than enough anglers up here to crowd you out if you don't follow proper fishing etiquette. As of now, 6x tippet is not recommended at the Dream Stream. It will help with hook-ups, but getting a medium sized to large trout to net on 6x will take five plus minutes, which will greatly lead to inadvertent fish kill. As with other rivers in Colorado during these cold winter months, look for feeding fish, and only set the hook when you see the white of the open mouth. This method can be hard to do in all reality, but once you get that system down, it's game on!

It is cold in Denver, Colorado the fishing has been good but make sure to have a warm hat and a good pair of gloves. No need to be on the water early, wait for the sun to come up in order to warm up the water temperature. Fishing has been best from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and fly fishing trips have been catching lots of trout. The fish are feeding mostly on midges during the midday hatch hours. Make sure bring a quality pair of glasses to cut the glare from the snow and sun.  The fishing is great.  Clear skies and 52-55 degree weather. The water temperature was between 36-39 degrees and Crystal Clear.

Likely Catch

Species: Cutbow
Weight: 3 lbs 13 oz
Length: 19 inches
Girth: 8 inches
Cutbow Female Cutbow Female
Cutbow Female Cutbow Female

Current Insect Hatches at Dream Stream

Insect Type: Midge

Insect: Chocolate Brown Midge

Color: Dark Brownish Red

Size: 24


Recommended Flies for Dream Stream

Fly: Tungsten Zebra Midge
Color: Red
Size: 22
Tungsten Zebra Midge Tungsten Zebra Midge
Fly: Bunney Leech
Color: Brown Olive
Size: 18
Bunney Leech Bunney Leech
Fly: Garcia's Rojo Midge
Color: Black
Size: 24
Garcia's Rojo Midge Garcia's Rojo Midge

Colorado Hatch Conditions for Late February


Insects: Chocolate Brown Midge
Color: Brown to Chocolate
Dates: Feb 15 – Dec 15
Emergence: All Day
Size: 20-22
Spinner Fall: 2-3 Hours
Illustrations © The Flyfisher Group 
Insects: Snow Midge
Color: Gray to Charcoal
Dates: Jan 1 – Dec 31
Emergence: Warmest part of day
Size: 24-28
Spinner Fall: 2-3 Hours
Illustrations © The Flyfisher Group 


Insects: Micro Black
Color: Dark Brown to Black
Dates: Jan 1 – May 15
Emergence: 38-44° Water Temps Heat of Day
Size: 18-22
Spinner Fall: NA
Illustrations © The Flyfisher Group 

Weather for Dream Stream

Current: 45 °F Partly cloudy Wind: 7 MPH SSW
Current Condtions

Partly cloudy

Temperature: 45 °F
Humidity: 27%
Wind: 7 mph SSW
Pressure: 14.81 psi
Cloud Cover: 50%
Tuesday's Forecast
weather forecast: Sunny<br/> High: 42 °F  <br/>Low: 29 °F <br/> Wind: 13 mph W
High: 42 °F
Low: 29 °F
Wind: 13 mph W
Wednesday's Forecast
weather forecast: Sunny<br/> High: 43 °F  <br/>Low: 23 °F <br/> Wind: 16 mph WSW
High: 43 °F
Low: 23 °F
Wind: 16 mph WSW
Thursday's Forecast
weather forecast: Sunny<br/> High: 29 °F  <br/>Low: 12 °F <br/> Wind: 14 mph WNW
High: 29 °F
Low: 12 °F
Wind: 14 mph WNW