Fishing Conditions: GOOD

Report Rating: GOOD
Crowd Rating: Somewhat Crowded
Somewhat Crowded

Fly Fishing Report Date:

Thursday, Nov 10, 2016

Weather & Water Conditions

Weather Water
Temp: 60+ Temp: 36-39
Sky: Clear Flow: 47
Wind: None Clarity: Crystal Clear
Precip: None Runoff: No 

Colorado Stream Update: Clear Creek at Golden is one of Colorado's most iconic and often overlooked streams on The Front Range. Clear Creek hosts a good, healthy and stable population of wild brown trout. Get out and fish!

Current Conditions at Clear Creek:

The creek is running 47 CFS at Golden, making it one of the better flowing streams right now on Colorado's Front Range near Denver and Boulder. Dries, nymphs and streamers are all producing strikes. Popular nymphs right now include eggs, micro midge and zebra style midge patterns, micro mayflies and Prince Nymphs. Streamer fishing with small micro style black, olive and white streamers has also been producing. 7.5 to 9 foot leaders and 3x-6x tippets are also producing strikes. Good luck, have fun and enjoy Clear Creek! In an effort to keep Clear Creek enjoyable for generations yet to come, be a good steward of the stream and take a piece of trash home with you.

The fishing is good.  Clear skies and 60+ degree weather. The water temperature was between 36-39 degrees and Crystal Clear.

Likely Catch

Species: Brown
Weight: 0 lbs 14 oz
Length: 14 inches
Girth: 6 inches
Brown Trout Female Brown Trout Female
Brown Trout Female Brown Trout Female

Current Insect Hatches at Clear Creek

Insect Type: Midge

Insect: Micro Black Midge

Color: Blackish Purple

Size: 24

Time: AM

Insect Type: Midge

Insect: Black Midge

Color: Black

Size: 22

Time: AM

Insect Type: Caddisfly

Insect: October Caddis

Color: Brownish Tan

Size: 20

Time: PM

Recommended Flies for Clear Creek

Fly: Black Beauty
Color: Black
Size: 22
Time: All Day
Black Beauty Black Beauty
Fly: Parachute Adams
Color: Gray Brown
Size: 18
Time: All Day
Parachute Adams Parachute Adams
Fly: Dorsey's Top Secret Midge
Color: Chocolate
Size: 20
Time: All Day
Dorsey's Top Secret Midge Dorsey's Top Secret Midge

Colorado Hatch Conditions for Early December


Insects: Chocolate Brown Midge
Color: Brown to Chocolate
Dates: Feb 15 – Dec 15
Emergence: All Day
Size: 20-22
Spinner Fall: 2-3 Hours
Illustrations © The Flyfisher Group 
Insects: Snow Midge
Color: Gray to Charcoal
Dates: Jan 1 – Dec 31
Emergence: Warmest part of day
Size: 24-28
Spinner Fall: 2-3 Hours
Illustrations © The Flyfisher Group 

Weather for Clear Creek

Current: 3 °F Light snow Wind: 23 MPH WNW
Current Condtions

Light snow

Temperature: 3 °F
Humidity: 55%
Wind: 23 mph WNW
Pressure: 14.74 psi
Cloud Cover: 0%
Thursday's Forecast
weather forecast: Sunny<br/> High: 23 °F  <br/>Low: 6 °F <br/> Wind: 5 mph E
High: 23 °F
Low: 6 °F
Wind: 5 mph E
Friday's Forecast
weather forecast: Sunny<br/> High: 32 °F  <br/>Low: 29 °F <br/> Wind: 13 mph W
High: 32 °F
Low: 29 °F
Wind: 13 mph W
Saturday's Forecast
weather forecast: Sunny<br/> High: 36 °F  <br/>Low: 25 °F <br/> Wind: 19 mph W
High: 36 °F
Low: 25 °F
Wind: 19 mph W